Keeping Your Eyes Peeled for Fashion Ideas

Shopping is a favorite past time or career of many women. Looking for the right accessories and clothing can go perfectly but often nothing goes right. We may be in the mood to shop and actually have the money to do so, but find nothing at all that appeal to our tastes. Everything is just off in look, style and/or fit. We spend tedious moments walking up and down the aisles of the same shops. At the end of the day, we head off home hoping that somehow we did not overlook the ideal outfit.

When we head off, we generally go straight for the stores. Our focus is on clothing as it should be, right? No. While it is true the stores do carry the latest in styles and boast the hottest trends in colors and designs, they may not be suitable to you or suit your personal taste or look. If you cannot find what you are looking for, rather than inspire you, the stores are going to frustrate you. Perhaps, then, this approach is all wrong for you. You may have to abandon the retailers and consider elsewhere. Better still, stop shopping and start people-watching.

People-watching is an art. It is also an inspiration. You can observe what other people are wearing and what makes an outfit succeed or fail. You can see how women establish or create their own sense of style and individuality outside the influence of the fashion industry. These are real people in real life performing every day functions in real time.

On one particular day, focus on the accessories. Find a convenient location in the mall. Sit down and watch the women as they pass. Take care to notice the various styles, hues and shapes of the accessories they wear or carry. Observe the fabrics, their textures and notice what stands out. Chances are, you will discern a specifically fine piece, most likely a very special silk shawl or scarf. It commands a second glance as it makes the woman who wears it noticeable, her elegance and grace perceptible.

The reason such an article may register in such a fashion is due to both its quality and what is comparative on the market. Mass-produced shawls and scarves of the regular stores tend to be indistinguishable. The hand-painted and dyed silk scarves and shawls sport unique designs. They leap out at us because of the quality of the fabric, the vividness of the colors and the vibrancy of the patterns. You cannot find these accessories in regular retailers. You can order them from specialty suppliers.

Keep these facts in mind if you are finding a day at the mall frustrating. When you become tired of seeing row upon row of identical or clone-like items, stop. Consider the alternatives. Go online to look for that special item. It may take a little effort to track it down, but, eventually, you can wander through the mall wearing the exact fabulous quality silk scarf or shawl everyone wants to purchase.

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